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01Let's start with our family

It all starts with André-Marcel, our grandfather – what a character he was! We are in Merceuil. In other words, two rows of vines from Beaune. The war passed through here and left its mark, even in this winegrowing land of Burgundy. André-Marcel was the son of a winegrower. He wasn't lucky enough to go to school and this made him feel uncomfortable for the rest of his life. In modest circumstances and to improve his daily life, he collected empty bottles from the streets to wash them, then exchanged them for full bottles from local merchants. This is how he managed to buy his first barrel of wine. Thus, in 1947, Maison Goichot was born. On the maternal side, the other grandfather was also quite a character. His name was Lucien Loiseau and he was the brilliant inventor of the straddle tractor.

An independent house

We are so fortunate and proud to be one of the last independent family trading houses in Burgundy in such a glorious winegrowing area run by big names and big groups. This title that we bear, however, has a very special state of mind and dynamic. We know where we come from and are learning from our experiences and encounters every day; our speciality is adapting to your needs. What was a pressing need for us has become our trademark: agility and responsiveness. Unrestricted yet strictly attached to our values, we manage every type of order with the same care, whatever your needs. Our independence guarantees you the freedom of choice.

André-Marie joined
his father André-Marcel
in 1984


valuesLike father, like son

In line with our grandfather André-Marcel, our father André-Marie joined the company in 1982 after studying oenology. He took over the management of Maison Goichot in 1987 and gave a decisive impetus: after managing bulk orders, the company invested in the bottling market for the benefit of large investments.

Storage, bottling, logistics… the company became totally independent and opened up to private clients in 2002 with its shop "La Ronde des vignerons". And ten years later it opened up to the international market.

Customer service and a job well done are in our dna.

03A new
generation Another (r)evolution!

The family grows

In 2007, we joined our father in the company. First Arnauld in 2007, then Adrien in 2012, Pierre-Alexandre in 2013 and finally Noémie in 2018. Some fresh new blood and energy! In 2015, we reached a new step in our company: the exclusive distribution of Domaine les Guignottes wines. A year later, we joined forces with the Château du Cray and its 25 hectares. Both of these wines are from the Côte Chalonnaise. This was followed by the expansion of our site in Beaune and so significant technical investments followed. Overall, we made many developments that directly impacted our businesses and our expertise. After our grandfather initiated the bulk market and our father the bottling market, our generation is focused on integrating winegrowing and winemaking.


04To be continued … in the right direction!

From work in trade to winegrowing and winemaking, less than a century has passed. Three generations, three evolutions. And look at how much it has evolved! However, our feet remain firmly on the ground. What we love more than anything and what motivates us, like it did our father and grandfather before us, comes down to many things: the wine we share with you;

serving you and making you happy; having a close relationship with our team, our partners and our customers; putting accessible wines and drinkable wines on the market; staying independent, responsive and creative. But above all, it comes down to keeping our feet firmly on the ground and never forgetting where we came from. A family business with a human dimension: that's our motto!




He joins
his father.


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